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CATsoft is creating customized software solutions for SMEs and administrations since 1996. We support you in digitization and automation projects, in improving efficiency or even in the development of a special software. Whether with .NET (core and traditional) or PowerBuilder, we have the experience and the tools and are very flexible thanks to our team of developers in Eastern Europe. Our clientele is active in a wide range of industries.


We look forward to any resulting challenge, regardless of company size and complexity.



CATTOR is a software designed for the Enterprise Service Management. CATTOR covers the whole process needed in the service: master data like customers, articles, maintenance contracts and orders from offer to invoice. CATTOR has modules for Desktop, Web and Tablets.

Any service contracts that support you and your team with many automated processes in everyday life serve as the basis for the customer relationship.


Each field service engineer receives the precise deployment data and information transmitted to his mobile device, fills out the report electronically and transmits the data, including the customer's signature, back to headquarters. The team can react promptly and create follow-up orders, goods deliveries or the closing for the invoice.


Thanks to interfaces, CATTOR exchanges any information with other systems and closes gaps in the process.


CATTOR is suitable as a common workstation for your entire organization. From the department manager to the sales department, to the operations planner and the service technician. Since everyone is working together in one system, the course of business can be analyzed with comprehensive statistics and reports. 

All details about CATTOR at https://www.cattor.swiss



With PowerBuilder 2017, Appeon has set a milestone in PowerBuilder development. With PowerBuilder 2017 and subsequent versions, we now have a modern PowerBuilder version that supports current operating systems and databases. The planned enhancements for the next years are also promising.


We support Appeon with our know how as Appeon Consulting Partner.


We have more than 25 years experience in software development with PowerBuilder. We provide consulting and software development in conjunction with PowerBuilder.


We are happy to answer inquiries by telephone or at the email address powerbuilder@catsoft.ch.


Bitmap Client

With Bitmap Client you can show a Bitmap on the Client area of an MDI application like e.g. a PowerBuilder application.

Download Bitmap Client


EML Parser

The EML Parser DLL parses an EML file from Outlook Express and splits it into body and attachments. The DLL is free and comes with source.

Download EML Parser 


PowerBuider Developers Journal

Articles published by us in PBDJ are not available online any more.

Drag & Drop in PowerBuilder

The Drag & Drop in PowerBuilder for files and emails from Outlook. The archive comes with PB sample source and can be used freely in your own project (Source code can be purchased upon request)

Download Drag & Drop Library


PowerBuilder Object Browser

ClassDefinition-object based object browser for PB. This is complete source for the article in PBDJ.

Download PB Object Browser


PowerBuilder Printer Orientation

PB Source to change the page orientation within a print job. This allows printing of datawindows in portrait and landscape in the same print job.

Download Printer Orientation Source





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